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My pit garage when I raced at AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days at Mid-Ohio 2011; the bikes from front- the Dan Rose Seeley Norton racer built by NYC Norton; Kenny Cummings Seeley Norton; my black Norton Commando racebike; white bike is Mick Vaklavik’s trick Drixton framed XS750 Yamaha; two bikes in the back are Jeff Peters Rickman Honda CR750 and his backup regular CR750.
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Mount Rushmore modelby Richard Evanson-1933
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unbenannt by florianreimann on Flickr.
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Stefan Giers.
Landmark in the Lusatian Lakeland.
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From the best photos of 2013 according to National Geographic
"As if she was saying goodbye, the last sperm whale we encountered on our expedition to Sri Lanka dives down to deep, dark depths." - Photographer Shane Gross
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